Our Project


The subject of our “With the Energy-Efficient Industry” Project is obtaining efficiency in Organized Industrial Zones through raising awareness, promoting efficiency concept in the personnel employed in enterprises therein, and by introducing small-scale changes in the industry.




The conduct of energy etudes, assessment of the energy efficiency in terms of energy savings and identifying the focal points of energy saving represent the very objectives for materializing appropriate projects that will enable energy efficiency for the enterprises operating in the industrial zones.





Organizing regional meetings where the relevant managers are informed about the studies and applications required for furnace, boiler, drying, cooling heating, ventilation, climatization, fanning, pressurized air, pump, electric, engine, illumination and cooling tower systems for providing Energy Efficiency in industrial organizations.



Course of Project:


In our Project, the below applications will be realized through collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and OSBÜK (The Higher of the Organized Industrial Zone).



  • The erection of Energy Management Centers in all Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ’s).

  • Sending of the prepared posters and brochures to the OIZ’s by OSBÜK.

  • Commencing educational activities in 7 cities that were identified on a regional basis and convoking the managers and the persons assigned in the OIZ’s of the relevant regions to the meeting planned for that region.

  • Commencement by the trained managers to provide training to the managers working in their industrial enterprises.

  • Obtaining preliminary reports on the energy consumption in the OIZ’s through cooperation with the Energy Management Centers.

  • Reporting to the Energy Management Centers the changes decided by the industrial enterprises following the said training.

  • Preparation, at the year’s end, of a second report by the Energy Management Centers concerning energy consumption in OIZ’s. Explanation of these reports during meetings by the Ministries.