Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Energy Efficiency Association President İbrahim Çağlar visited the stand of Energy Efficiency Association, "If according to calculations provided efficiency; The resultant savings value is greater than the energy can produce our energy sources.
As an association; We are trying to promote the public awareness of energy efficiency of our touring from north to south and from east to west the country. To occur in every part of social consciousness, we are embarking on the different projects.
Turkey and our household, we have established a team to add economic value. The name "Energy Team" ... We are at home with Energy Team, at school, on the road, everyone is reaching out to all segments of the industry to ensure that a part of this team and we want everyone to still be an active member of this team. Thus, by 2023, we aim to create a resource of 150 billion liras. "He said.
“Enerji Hanım Project” become a model for world.
With Enerji Hanım, Çağlar stating to reach 34 thousand women in 21 provinces, "Enerji Hanım told with education where they can go in small steps how to save money. In fact, our women knew them all, was not what they know. What we are doing is just a reminder. For our country when they achieved this efficiency and savings of 4 billion liras a year ladies they have shared their own gain. Our project that has seen so much interest outside of our country; 
Paris COP21 Climate Change Summit held in "Women, Gender Equality and Climate Change" session was described as a model project. "He said.
Energy Kid with the work they are doing with a total of 774 schools in 59 provinces so far and that they reach of about 30 thousand children, "This is in education; We will continue to study the remaining 22 pilot provinces. “He said. 
Energy Efficient Industry also talked about the work İbrahim Çağlar, "We are calling this project, our industrialists as well. Civil society organizations and private sector cooperation, in ten years the country's economy 65 billion worth of energy savings and we aim to reduce the bill by 30 percent of the company. "he said.